In the L’ACTIF Lab, we work with high-tech fabric. Fabric designed to optimize performance by maximizing comfort, minimizing the risk of injury, reducing friction and providing freedom of movement. 

Our designers create with both technical and aesthetic attributes in mind, harmonizing form and function. 


The performance of activewear is heavily reliant on the materials used. Throughout the material sourcing and testing process, our team focused on finding fabric that would support movement whilst enhancing the silhouette. We leveraged smart technology to incorporate four-way stretch, elastic recovery, moist-control and compression. The result? Highly breathable garments engineered for every aspect of life. 

The construction of our fabric and garments rests on three key pillars:

  • Aesthetics
  • Functionality (ease of movement, support and user-friendliness) 
  • Smart Technology (4-Way Stretch, Elastic Recovery, Moist Control and Form Fitting) 


4-way stretch fabrics are designed to stretch and recover immediately on the cross-grain and length-wise, allowing for a greater range of motion. The resistance to stretch in both directions enables the fabric to mold to the body’s natural shape without feeling restrictive. 


Elastic recovery fabrics are crafted from highly durable yarn to provide support and compression to the muscles and joints. This type of fabric moves with the body whilst retaining its shape, making it perfect for fast movement. 


Moisture-wicking fabric features small capillary spaces for sweat to travel through. This type of performance fabric allows air to pass through whilst keeping moisture away from your skin.


Form-fitting fabric is engineered to conform to the shape of your body, providing support and compression to help improve performance and reduce the risk of injury. A tailored fit that enhances the silhouette. 

The L’ACTIF Lab team are continuously researching and developing ways in which to best bridge the gap between fashion, technology and movement. This is L’ACTIF.