High-tech fabrics have been applied to activewear, because it plays an important role in optimizing the performance of athletes by maximizing their comfort, minimizing their risk of injury, reducing friction/drag, and providing freedom of movement.

However, a balance between technical and aesthetic attributes is also important to satisfy the needs of the end-user, and this is how L’ACTIF was created.


About the fabric development:

The properties of materials and intensity of activity influence the interactions between the human body and activewear, which result in different subjective sensations and could alter the functional performance during exercise.

The performance of activewear is closely related to the material used. Recent developments in textile materials have resulted in many innovative types of textile fibers, yarns, and fabrics. Most of them offer a multitude of functions that meet the various needs of consumers. 

During our material sourcing and testing process, the team focused on optimizing the performance of the activewear, whilst ensuring the body silhouettes are enhanced. We leveraged smart technology which incorporates; all-way stretch, elastic recovery, moist-control, wrinkle-resistant, compression technology, and odor control to ensure our fabrics adhere to elevated performance standards.

We ended up with highly breathable clothing, perfect for any activities. 

The team computed the optimal level of elasticity in each garment to provide high comfort and performance, while ensuring you look your best. Special sewing techniques and machinery has been used accordingly.

Our developments in fabric technology and garment construction methods primarily rest on three major pillars:

  1. Aesthetics
  2. Functionality (ease of movement, support, and user-friendliness)
  3. Smart technology (4-ways Stretch, Elastic Recovery, Moist-Control, and Form Fitting Technology)


The fabric used stretch and recover both width and lengthwise immediately. This technology ensures the garment is very comfortable and fully stretchable to facilitate the wearer in their workout and provide unrestricted range of motion.


High durability strong yarns that maintain shape and elasticity after being stretched or washed. The concept of this technology is allowing the fabric to return to its original size and shape after repetitive physical movements are carried out.


The fabric used facilitate the evaporation of moist instead of being drawn into the material. The concept of this technology is to have quicker drying rate and provision of efficient movement of moisture away from the skin.


The fabric used is form-fitting developed to provide a free range of movement and to keep muscles compact for enhanced performance. This technology is designed to reduce friction/drag, enhance the body silhouettes, and provide free body movement.

 L’ACTIF Studio strives to continuously research and develop products and garments that are high fashion, utilize advanced technical fabrics, optimize the construction of the garments, and design garments that are fashion forward and premium. It’s all about bridging the gap between fashion, technology, and movement. This is L’ACTIF. 

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