Moist Control Fabric: Everything You Need to Know

Moist Control Fabric: Everything You Need to Know

Let’s get our sweat on. 

High intensity activity feels great, sweating not so much. That’s why we use moisture-wicking fabric, specifically designed to move moisture away from the body, keeping you dry and comfortable throughout the day.

How does it work? 

Moisture-wicking fabric features small capillary spaces for sweat to travel through. Moisture is pulled from the inner layer of the material to the outer. Then, once the sweat reaches the outer layer of the material, the moisture spreads across the surface, allowing it to evaporate. 

So, is moisture control fabric worth it? 


Moisture control fabric is lightweight yet still provides superior protection and comfort. It doesn’t feel too bulky or restrictive when worn, making it perfect for high intensity activity.


As we all know, comfort is key. Moisture-wicking fabric prevents sweat from clinging to you and your clothes so you can power through your day without compromising on comfort or style.


This type of performance fabric allows air to pass through whilst keeping moisture away from your skin. Breathable fabrics are less likely to cause skin irritation or chaffing, which can be a common problem with synthetic fabrics. 


Moisture-wicking fabric is known for its durability. It’s resistant to shrinking, fading and stretching, meaning your athleisure wear will last longer, even with regular use.

Quick Drying

With any form of active wear, drying time matters. Thanks to its construction, moisture-wicking fabric can dry quickly after being exposed to water or sweat.

Temperature Regulation 

Traditional fabrics like cotton are likely to cling to your body when you sweat, trapping heat against your skin and preventing airflow. Moisture control fabric is different as it allows the sweat to evaporate, creating a cooling effect. 

Easy To Care For 

Moist control fabrics feature stain release properties, so they tend to require less water and detergent. As a general rule, machine wash in cold water and air dry or tumble dry on low heat. 

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Stay active in our prototype collection.